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How to identify wire quality

How to identify wire quality

Many people do not know what kind of quality is good when purchasing cable. The following Amtb® unlimited light will teach you how to identify the quality of wire.

1, the general quality of the wire, are within the specified weight range.

2, copper qualified copper wire copper core should be purple, and glossy, soft. And shoddy copper core wire copper core is generally purple black, yellow or white, impurities, poor mechanical strength, toughness is not good, a little force will be broken, and some wires are often broken phenomenon. Check, you just peel one end of the wire 2cm, and then use a piece of white paper on the copper core slightly rub, if there is black material on the white paper, it means that the copper core is more impurities. In addition, the insulation layer of shoddy wire looks very thick, but in fact, most of the insulation is made of recycled plastic, and the insulation layer will age over time, resulting in leakage of electricity.

3, manufacturers of fake and shoddy wires are generally three no products, but above the origin and other signs, such as made in China, which actually belongs to the national standard.

4, price because of the low production cost of fake and shoddy wire, vendors in sales, often under the guise of cheap and fine sales at a low price, people fooled.

The above is Amtb® infinite light for you to introduce how to identify the quality of wire, hope to help you