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Warm congratulations on the grand opening of our branch

On May 21, 2018, Infinite Light (Hong Kong) Holdings Co., LTD. - Luoding branch grand opening. Opening ceremony site firecrackers, gongs and drums noisy, lively festival. The guests on the scene were also enthusiastic, and the whole scene was filled with heart and joy.

People in western Guangdong

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Amtb® Infinite Light disrupts traditional PVC wire

To keep hundreds of millions of families away from home decoration hazards

Unlimited light fireproof wire

Great strength, great pattern and great future

You, come or not!

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A wire, seemingly simple, but if the quality is not safe enough, the damage caused by the family and institutions can be royal, attack the top. Wires exist in our daily work and life, often hidden in the wall, underground, so that we are difficult to control, after installation is difficult to modify. Wuguang brand is committed to establish safety as the first belief, to provide a high level of fire standards as its own duty, improve product quality, to give you a safe home.

Infinite light wire, home amulet!

Where there is home, there is infinite light!

Immeasurable light with product quality:

In the service life

Infinite light wire confirmed to be able to use more than 70 years of service life, ordinary wire generally begins to aging after 5 years, cracking for the family brings huge safety hazards.

Under the action of a large current generator

What happens when the wires are overloaded with a large current generator? Ordinary wires immediately burst into flames in case of large current, and infinite light wires show excellent anti-overload, anti-aging and high temperature resistance.

In a five-minute smoke hazard test

Unlimited light fireproof wire low smoke and non-toxic, hamsters can still live running around. Ordinary PVC wire a lot of smoke, hamster in 2 minutes, began to stir up. Three minutes later he lay down and began convulsing.

With its insistence on the quality of Seiko and faith, Wuguang rapidly penetrated into the United States, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong major projects, and has become one of the brands formulated by the Hong Kong government. Infinite light implementation of TUV international standards, low smoke non-toxic, fire prevention, power saving, durable, the highest service life 114.9 years. At the same time, Wuguang has become a brand of wire and cable for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

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