Amtb (Hong Kong) group


With the theme of "Contributing to the establishment of a society where human beings live safely based on the technology cultivated by excellent materials", we will focus on the research and development of four cores of fire resistance/moisture resistance/cold resistance/anti-aging, condense the strength of the group and use material technology to contribute to society.
R&D Vision
Fire resistance
Cold resistance
To develop these new materials and technologies, we need to further unite the strength of the whole Infinite Light Group. The Research and Development Department needs to integrate technologies scattered in various departments and affiliated companies, strengthen R&D strength, and at the same time take the research institutes of the United States and the European Union as the base to promote the international process of R&D. Not only that, in addition to the cooperation within the group, it will also actively apply open innovation in collaboration with public research institutions and companies outside the group.
Cultivating New,Next-generation business

"Integration of Group Power" and "Effective Use of Open Innovation"